Faculty Directory

Instructors with California Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credentials have professional work experience in the vocation, technical area, or trade of their subject authorization. Instructors with Single Subject Teaching Credentials in Agriculture, Business, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, or Industrial & Technology Education may teach in the relevant CTE content areas for which they have some professional experience. To email instructors, click on their names below.

Andrew Cuevas Automotive Technology Santiago HS
Angela Ritchie Digital Media Arts Hare HS
Angela Williams Biotechnology La Quinta HS
Belinda Navarro CTE-STEAM Lab Walton Intermediate
Dr. Bridget Gergens Education Bolsa Grande HS
Caren Fontes Culinary/Hospitality Los Amigos HS
Carmena Easter Culinary/Hospitality Rancho Alamitos HS
Cesar Villalobos Engineering Design Bolsa Grande HS
Christina Kubes College and Career Seminar Pacifica HS
Chuck Fregoso Culinary/Hospitality Los Amigos HS
David Le Automotive Rancho Alamitos HS
Dharti Desai Business Hare HS
Diego Munoz Engineering Santiago HS
Ed Harris Engineering,                        Computer Science Pacifica HS
Eliza Castrejon Mental/Behavioral Health Garden Grove HS
Eric Henninger ICT/Computer Science Garden Grove HS
Eric Keawekane Digital Media Arts Los Amigos HS
Eric Scoles Computer Science,                    Digital Media Arts Pacifica HS
Felicia Hopkins Culinary/Hospitality Los Amigos HS
Georgia Jeon CTE-STEAM Lab Jordan IS
Helen Lee Business and IT Los Amigos HS
Dr. Hesam Samimi ICT Garden Grove HS
Holly McHale Sports Medicine Pacifica HS
Dr. Janet Sheridan Patient Care Garden Grove HS
Jenine Rumble Business La Quinta HS
Joon Kim Digital Media Arts Garden Grove HS
Kailey Flores CTE STEAM Lab Alamitos IS
Katrena Heraldez Culinary/Hospitality Santiago HS
Kevin Jones ICT Santiago HS
Kim Saldana CTE STEAM Lab Bell Intermediate
Lauren Turner CTE STEAM Lab Ralston Intermediate
Larry Isaacs Digital Media Arts Los Amigos HS
Leanne Holguin Fashion Rancho Alamitos HS
Lisa Elliott CTE-STEAM Lab,                    College and Career Seminar

Irvine IS,            Bolsa Grande HS 

Loretta Sineri Digital Media Arts Rancho Alamitos HS
Lori Simpson Culinary/Hospitality Los Amigos HS
Mayuri Desai Medical Patient Care Garden Grove HS
Melody Drake Culinary/Hospitality Santiago HS
Miguel Flores ICT Rancho Alamitos HS
Mike Barton Business Management La Quinta HS
Mike Lopez Criminal Justice Garden Grove USD
Nick Ruzzi Business Management,      Digital Media Arts La Quinta HS
Noah Bulthuis Patient Care Hare HS
Oscar Vargas CTE STEAM Lab Fitz Intermediate
Patrick Carney Criminal Justice Garden Grove HS
Ralph Eaton CTE-STEAM Lab Lake IS
Rhonda Hanke Digital Media Arts Rancho Alamitos HS
Rob Engel Business Management Bolsa Grande HS
Rola Jarjoura Business

Garden Grove HS

Ryan Tonthat Engineering Bolsa Grande HS
Terry Nguyen ICT/Computer Science La Quinta HS
Theo Vo CTE-STEAM Lab McGarvin IS
Therese Villalobos Culinary/Hospitality Bolsa Grande HS
Tina Heiland Digital Media Arts Santiago HS
Trang Nguyen Culinary/Hospitality Rancho Alamitos HS
Trevor Newberry Sports Medicine Santiago HS
Tyler Casalini Digital Media Art La Quinta HS
Victoria Heric CTE-STEAM Lab Doig IS
Ya Na Kim ICT Bolsa Grande HS
Young Lee ICT and Computer Science La Quinta HS